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Ava: "I'm going to guide you on how to change your diet so you can improve your health, lose weight and reduce or eliminate medications."

Eva: "Learn? Meh. Food is fun! I promise, you've never had this much fun with food!"

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It's An Eating Evolution

Here's why our members love AvaEva's Evolution

Your Best Health For Life!

Want to reduce or eliminate your medications? Want to enjoy food and feel good? AvaEva's Evolution health plan will take you on a journey to your best health for the rest of your life.

Hit Your Target Weight Faster

The secret to weight loss is not a secret; it's simply that most people try to make it happen too fast. Come with AvaEva on a guided evolution to slowly change your diet over time for permanent results.

Be A Happier Eater

Have you been bouncing from diet to diet and not getting the results you want? The answer is to stop dieting. AvaEva teaches you smart ways to change your diet through a slow, evolutionary process.

Ava Loves To Help
"Together we're going to change your world for the better."

Hi, I'm Ava. I grew up with a deep interest in nutrition, health and wellness because my mother was battling cancer. I immersed myself in learning how nutrition, exercise and our environment affects our well-being. Becoming a nurse (RN) was a way for me to help others. Building the Evolution plan with Eva is how I hope to help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals as I have been doing for the past 20 years. Together, we're going to change your world for the better!

Eva Wants To Have Fun
"Rules? What Rules?!?"

Hey it's Eva! You know what? Diets suck. I know because I struggled with my weight and self-image my entire life. Whenever I looked in the mirror I saw the worst in myself. Thankfully Ava helped pick me up and teach me the right ways to eat so I could stop counting calories and start looking forward to eating again. The problem with diets is they're punishment. They come with stupid rules that don't even make sense. Well, I say: Rules? What Rules?!? I'm going to show you how to make food fun. Together you're going to evolve to see your best self in the mirror!

How Do We Work Together?
AvaEva's Evolution Is Online

AvaEva's Evolution is a video-series that is broken into phases delivered through a supportive, interactive online community. Each phase has several videos and recipes that show you how to take each step slowly and at your own pace. You'll learn how to make changes to one meal at a time, so you can incrementally transform your diet and health with amazing results. Our community is a place to discuss your challenges, connect with Ava and Eva, and get help along your way. 

What makes our evolution work is that we focus on making only one thing in our diet different until it becomes part of our lives. And we make it fun!

What Is Your
Best Health For Life?

Whether you're trying to lose weight, to overcome ailments or illness, or simply want to look and feel your best, what we eat is the number one factor in determining your health. We all want to enjoy our meals, the "good things in life" and our comfort foods. Ava and Eva believe in becoming educated and making informed decisions with every bite. We all indulge and enjoy foods we shouldn't, so let's forget about the fad diets. Instead, let's strive to make better decisions with each meal and learn how to improve our lives as a whole. Join our community and get the support, inspiration and skills to create your best health of your life.

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